III Iberoamerican Pharmacometrics Network Congress

The Iberoamerican Pharmacometrics Network is announcing the celebration of its III Congress in Havana, Cuba, on

October 28 to 30. The Congress will be held in Tryp Havana Libre Melia Hotel, the most cosmopolitan and centric

Melia hotel in Havana. Congress holds seminars about most prominent topics in the field of Pharmacometrics like

Therapeutic Drug monitoring, Virtual Bioequivalence, PK/PD modeling, Translational PBPK/PD, Internal Dosimetry

in Radiopharmaceutical Development. Also, several pre-congress and post-congress workshops, MONOLIX,

NONMEM, nlmixr and PK-Sim. Your participation will provide you the opportunity of sharing results and expertise

with the most prominent specialist in Latin-America and other colleagues from all around the world as invited

speaker/participant. In addition, incorporation of student sessions provides an excellent education framework for our

future specialist in the field.

Looking forward to see you in Havana

Organizing Committee

III Iberoamerican Pharmacometrics Network Congress

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